Improvements with UL certification and a recharged marketing plan

Last summer Absolute Quality enjoyed nice press from Minnesota Technology Magazine following a visit from Congressman Keith Ellison. The article highlighted work Absolute Quality had done as one of 10 companies selected to participate in Enterprise Minnesota’s Pathways to Business Growth program. The program is funded by a grant from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and deploys an array of training solutions to kick-start innovation and sustainable growth.

VSM was an integral part of Absolute Quality’s recent expansion into a 15,000-square-foot section of its building which had previously been rented to a longtime tenant. Enterprise Minnesota Business Growth Advisor Mike Braml and Absolute Quality’s operations manager worked together to solicit layout ideas from employees in each department, then developed a layout to maximize the value of the new space.

Throughout the production floor, VSM has resulted in layout changes large and small, from point-of-use equipment storage and extra printers, copiers and email terminals, to a centralized receiving department and a new computerized system for tracking customer orders and production efficiency. President and General Manager Duane Petersen says the new layout requires employees to take 80 percent fewer steps, and has helped the company to avoid passing on recent cost increases to its customers.

Absolute Quality’s customer-oriented focus also extends to a new UL certification for wire re-spooling. Though UL listings are expensive, requiring fees, quarterly audits and the addition of an on-staff electrical engineer, Executive Vice President and Production Manager Jeff Zoubek says the benefits far outweigh the cost.

The improvements have saved time and money for Absolute Quality and our customers.